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Welcome to the New Chitral.org!

This site is specifically design to make it possible for all the Chitralis to collaborate, communicate, contribute. There a few web sites about Chitral, some brave individuals have put their personnel resources at work to bring Chitral to the internet. A few of those who have contributed to this effort are:

- Tasneem Jamil of New York
- Saif Rehman & Faiz Rehman of Chitral Printing Press
- Rashid Qureishi of Chitral
- Younus Rashid of Washington DC
- Fardad Ali Shah

Note: Please, let me know if I am missing any other names that should be included in the above list.

Our adventure on the internet is still in its infancy and I believe substantial information is still missing. Living overseas, gathering this information is a daunting task, but there are high educated and knowledgeable Chitralis both living in Chitral and away from home who can contribute and share their knowledge of Chitral with the rest of the world. This platform will provide all Chitralis with ability to collaborate and communicate your ideas and contribute to well being of Chitral and all Chitralis.

Click here to register and then login add your own page(s). Feel free to add anything you like about Chitral.

Thank You. Chitral.org Management